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25 years ago when i was working at horses in Canada, I read some stuff about some horse trainers in Western US.

Fellows called Tom and Bill Dorrance brothers and a friend of theirs, Mr. Ray Hunt. http://churchmountsheepdogs.ie/talking-with-bryan-neubert/?et_fb=1&PageSpeed=off

A couple of things Ray said, fit with my way of thinking and became the foundation stones of my way of thinking with regard to Sheepdog Training.

back around 2010, i spent some time training police-type dogs for IPO/Schutzhund. While active at this, i got exposed to the ideas of a Belgian Ringsport Trainer and clinician, Mr Bart Bellon. Bart’s ideas and his views on motivation and working dogs changed my perspective on the relationship/bond that i have with my dogs.

My philosophy around dog training is based on Ray’s idea of incentivising the desired behaviours and rewarding the slightest try. Operant conditioning is not dissimilar in that it recognises and acknowledges the behaviour that needs correct timing to reinforce the right communication with a dog. Bart put it in easy to understand terms for me like paying for the actions we want, then squeeze out more for our money as we progress in our training.



make the wrong thing difficult and the right thing easy

notice the smallest change, the slightest try. reward the  slightest try


Ray Hunt

This year I was giving at clinic at the Hunewell Ranch in Nevada with Haley Hunewell. I was fortunate enough to meet a fellow who had grown up on a ranch next door to Bill Dorrance, Mr. Bryan Nuebert. Not only that but he and Bill were friends and Bryan got to work with Ray Hunt and Tom Dorrance.

Bryan was kind enough to talk with me in this interview and give me a little insight into Bill,Tom and Ray. It was very special to run into him not to mention getting to spend time with him and hear lots and lots of stories with him over dinner. Bryan is one of those kind of fellows I would just love to be able to hang around with.

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