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Sheepdog Trials Judging and Training Clinics

I travel to Europe and the USA to judge sheepdog trails.

Sheepdog training videos

I began making videos on how I train dogs.



I travel around the Sheepdog world competing and judging trials, giving training clinics, etc.

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  Dafydd Davies Stick and Crook maker I was over in Wales working on some interviews for the new Away with Dogs series ( www.awaywithdogs.co.uk ) when a friend from America asked me if I'd mind collecting a stick from a maker in Mid Wales and take it with me for...

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Alasdair MacRae Part2

Alasdair MacRae Part2

audio - Alasdair MacRae in conversation (Part 2) In this Part II conversation with Alasdair, he talks about training sheepdogs to single and what singling can tell him about a working sheepdog. He talks a little about judging the single and aspects that he feels are...

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