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Sheepdog Trials Judging and Training Clinics

I travel to Europe and the USA to judge sheepdog trails.

Sheepdog training videos

I began making videos on how I train dogs.



I travel around the Sheepdog world competing and judging trials, giving training clinics, etc.

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Nigel Watkins is talking sheepdogs

Nigel Watkins is talking sheepdogs

      This is a very frank interview! Someone said to me that they have heard all the Churchmount interviews on soundcloud and that this one is by far the best. This one is where the world renowned Nigel Watkins is talking sheepdogs. Nigel is true to...

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Quilling sheep, what’s that all about?

Quilling sheep, what’s that all about?

In a sheep farming operation it is important to manage the sheep in the way the causes the least amount of stress for them and the least amount of work for the farmer. Shedding the sheep that we want, out of a group, means that we can leave the sheep we don’t need to relax and continue grazing with their lambs

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