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Sheepdog training Clinics and Judging of Sheepdog Trials

by | Sep 12, 2017

Sheepdog Training Clinics

I travel to Europe and the USA to help people training their sheepdogs and Border Collies. I demonstrate and explain my training ideas and philosophy to handlers by using stories and by example. My goal is to give people a system of communication with their dogs. I do this by explaining how the non verbal communication is the foundation and how we use it to build a dog’s learning and training incrementally. I aim to leave a handler with a system, a way of communication, the can form the foundation that underpins their training on their current dog and their future dogs.

My dog training philosophy is based on ideology from two people. The first being a horseman, Mr Ray Hunt, (Bryan Neubert   https://youtu.be/xX7ld8jcNNE )

And the second being Belgian Ringsport Champion and dogman, Mr Bart Bellon.( https://youtu.be/llxh6X8fi7s )

While those two people effected greatly on my philosophy, two more men influenced me greatly in the methodology of training and style of handling I am drawn to, namely, the late Norman Deacon from Ireland and the late Gwyn Jones Penmacho from Wales. I was fortunate to serve an apprenticeship with Norman up to 2001 and Gwyn was later to help me greatly when I came back to dogs in 2015.

I also make training videos that are available for subscribers at a price that is equivalent to the cost of auditing at a clinic.( https://youtu.be/48lfoBbZcTg )

Judging Sheepdog Trials
 Paddy is primarily a trainer and enjoys very much watching for dogs’ potential. Judging allows him the opportunity to study the working and the workmanship of dogs and their handlers.
He is currently a director of the ISDS and is on the ISDS List of Approved Judges.
Judging assignments have included European Continental and World Championship qualifier trials in Poland,Denmark,Italy and Austria. the Shabden Continental in the UK

In the U.S. trials have included the Mohawk Valley in Oregon,the State Finals in And The Zamora Hills trial in California.

Double-Lift trials have included the North of Ireland Championship and the Texas State Final.

Mohawk Valley Sheepdog Trial, Oregon

We invited Paddy to judge our 2 day trial at Gossler-hof-hill-trial and on the third day we had a clinic.  Many of us had problems with our work on the trial field but Paddy explained that the real problem could be fixed closer to hand, such as a not perfect stop or tight flanks.

My own dog, Don, has changed the way I train because he is dog that needs to understand things and that is also Paddy’s way of training, and I like that alot

Paddy makes sure the dog understands the things we need and makes any bad behavior feel bad  for the dog. He said to be areful at first but then to ask for more and more and build up the dog’s understanding and training   We really enjoyed the ideas and Paddy makes us think more about the daily work and how to use it more in training

Kerstin Reichmann-Schicker


Paddy is the type of trainer that guides you in understanding his tips. He is a real coach.

He has a very clear idea about the steps and it is easy to have success with your dog if you follow the system. I learned a lot of original ideas from his clinics, especially about the use of a round pen.. I like it!

Paddy is a man who understands the dog’s mind. thanks Paddy for your time and patience 

Albert Garriga Vila

Catalonia. , Spain

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