Churchmount Working Sheepdogs

At Churchmount, we have over 25 years of experience in sheepdog training, breeding, trials and clinics both in Ireland and around the world. We take pride in the relationship with our dogs, with communication and negotiation in sheepdog training being key to our philosophy. We demonstrate and explain our training ideas and philosophy to handlers by using stories and by example.

Our goal is to give trainers a system of communication with their dogs. We do this by explaining how non-verbal communication is the foundation in building a sheepdog’s learning and training incrementally. We aim to leave a handler with a system and a way of communication that can form the foundation that underpins their training on their current dog and their future dogs.

We are located a stone’s throw from Ireland’s world-famous Glendalough, the Wicklow Mountains National Park and the picturesque Glenmalure Valley. This gives us the opportunity to train our dogs for stamina, power and balance in the beauty of the Irish hilltops.

What we do

Ralf and sheep

Sheepdog Training

At Churchmount, our goal is to train sheepdogs with stamina, power and balance that are capable of top-level competition. We have learned from the best and have over 25 years of experience both in Ireland and internationally. We recognise that sheepdog training techniques are constantly evolving and are always open to learning and trying new methods.

We regularly share our expertise on our YouTube channel and in our Patreon training video series. Here, you can follow a working dog’s training journey and learn about training for trials and herding.

What we do

Sheepdog clinics and interviews


Sheepdog training and breeding have taken me around the world. I’ve been fortunate to meet working dog trainers and handlers from around the globe, who have influenced my training outlook.

I started the Churchmount interview series to share the experiences of the handlers I meet and to spark new ideas for sheepdog training.

What we do

Hiking in Wicklow

Hike the Wicklow Way

We want to share the picturesque beauty of the Wicklow Mountains, Glendalough and Glenmalure Valley with you. Come join us on a hike with our sheepdogs, learn about sheep farming in Ireland and take in the stunning views.

We’ll share the culture and traditions of the Irish hilltops, all in the company of our dogs. Perfect for dog lovers, visitors to Ireland and for team building activities!

What we do

Sheepdog on Lugnaquilla

Sheepdog breeding

Our extensive experience in breeding working dogs means we have an eye for the best. We breed our dogs for stamina, power and workability and carefully consider the right pedigree.

Get in touch to find out more about our litters and learn more about our dogs and pedigrees at the link below.


I met Paddy in a clinic in Basque Country last April. I was surprised about his point of view during the training. He understand the dogs mind, he uses diferent tools I’ve never seen before. I liked it! He is a real coach, focused on the student and he gives clear steps to follow to be sucessful. Thanks Paddy!

Thank you for all you do. We have been able to get a wealth of information by following Churchmount Sheepdogs. Thoroughly enjoy being a member of Patreon as well, it has paid dividends..
It is apparent that your genuine passion for training, judging, interviewing top handlers, using and breeding top work dogs, and trialing sheepdogs shines through in everything you do. Thank you Paddy!

I buy and sell a lot of dogs, with only training one dog at a time I do go through dogs very quickly and nothing compares to a dog that’s by Paddy. Even if you are unsure about your dog in training and need a way to fix the faults, a quick video to Paddy and he comes back with a solution. To my belief it works every time.
Paddy is the type of lad that looks after a person that wants a working dog for farm work, or a person starting out trailing and wants to progress further.

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