Alasdair Macae in conversation (Part 1)

I really enjoy the way top level competitors can give an insight into what it takes to achieve success in big competition regardless of which particular sport they have excelled in.

I have been lucky enough to talk to Alastair Mac Rae about qualities in successful dogs and the mindset and ambition of a top handler.

I read a newsletter for the MacRae way last year where Alasdair gave some of his opinion on singling sheep. I really liked what he was saying and I allowed that I hadn’t really heard anyone talk this way on the subject before, he was really hitting the nail on the head. So back around last Christmas I asked him if he would consider talking about the subject in an interview and immediately he agreed to do it.

The plan was to make a 15 minute interview, however the conversation broadened a bit and we went for nearly an hour and a half! So I tried to cut it back hard but still end up with about 50 minutes. In the end I decided to make it a 3 part conversation. Here is the 1st part where Alasdair talks to me about how he got started.


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