Austrian city girl talks about following her passion to Ireland

Mirjam Lettner and Glen

Citygirl talks sheepdogs

Mirjam Lettner and Glen






Mirjam Lettner is a successful Irish Sheepdog handler and competitor. Up until 2019 Mirjam had been very good at winning and being placed at open trial level with different dogs. in 2019 things took another step forward though that saw Mirjam win one of the three day’s competition at the Irish National, qualifying her to be in the run-off between three handlers for a chance at winning first place, the National Champion position.

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In this interview Mirjam talks about how she got started in sheepdogs. To my surprise, I discovered that she was a city girl growing up. She had no exposure to livestock and didn’t even own her first dog until she was 24. Mirjam describes what it was like to start out as an Austrian sheepdog handler and explains how it came about that she followed her passion to Ireland.

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This is a great example of what it is possible to achieve in this sport regardless of whether you have any relevent backround experience or not. Mirjam talks about what she likes in the character of a dog. She tells me what it was like to compete in the Irish National and to almost win it. She also explains how her preparation for the International greatly helped her on the day.

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