Talking with Michael Longton

Michael comes from a very famous family that have been sheepdog trialing at the top levels for decades going back to before the war. Michael began handling dogs at the age of 12 and by the age of 24 had secured winning his first English National. Michael has gone on to compete in 4 International Supreme finals since, with 3rd […] Continue Reading

Shepherd from Iraq, what are the chances?

How often do you get to meet anyone from Iraq? Well in my case the answer is, not very often! when I ask the same question but put in ‘shepherd’ aswell, then the odds drop significantly. So i thought i better ask Omar Alkubaisy a few questions. Omar told me he got into sheep first and then ran into handlers […] Continue Reading

What are the 5 stages of training a sheepdog for sheepdog trials?

The 5 steps to training a sheepdog I recently met up with a friend of mine to do some schooling. Eamonn Connell is like me in that he only returned to sheepdog training in the last few years. I told Eamonn about how a new handler had asked me recently ‘what are the stages of training a sheepdog? Can you […] Continue Reading

Austrian city girl talks about following her passion to Ireland

Austrian sheepdog handler talks about the differences she has met with training dogs and competing in trials in Ireland. In 2019 Mirjam Lettner was successful in winning a place on the Irish Sheepdog Team to go forward to the International competition.

Nigel Watkins is talking sheepdogs

      This is a very frank interview! Someone said to me that they have heard all the Churchmount interviews on soundcloud and that this one is by far the best. This one is where the world renowned Nigel Watkins is talking sheepdogs. Nigel is true to form with no holds barred! Nigel tells me about how Foot and […] Continue Reading

Quilling sheep, what’s that all about?

In a sheep farming operation it is important to manage the sheep in the way the causes the least amount of stress for them and the least amount of work for the farmer. Shedding the sheep that we want, out of a group, means that we can leave the sheep we don’t need to relax and continue grazing with their lambs

In conversation with Con McGarry

I am fortunate in that I often find myself in conversation with Con McGarry. Last year we traveled together to the European Nursery Championship in Holland. We were due to travel again to it this year but of course, Covid19 changed all our plans. That said, I did get to travel with Con and two other directors, to ISDS meeting […] Continue Reading