Talking sheepdogs with Aled Owen

    Talking with Aled Owen I know that I don’t need to remind you of the gravity of the situation we are facing at present with this virus. However, I think that as sheepdog enthusiasts, we are very lucky in that at least we can escape from the news into our own dog world for a while.   2001 […] Continue Reading

How to start training sheepdog puppies

Eamonn shares his thoughts and experiences about how to start training sheepdog puppies. He explains how he teaches them to stop iniatially. He goes on to explain how he puts commands or whistles on them for their left and right directions. He also talks about how he then goes on to show them how to do small outruns

Ideas for how to train your sheepdog to shed sheep

Ralf is a young sheepdog that I have in training at the moment. I want to prepare him to compete in nursery trials this season. I have him running out well to gather sheep. He has learnt his left and right, his off balance flanks and his inside flanks. you can see his flanks training video here He can […] Continue Reading

Dafydd Davies Stick and Crook maker

Dafydd Davies Stick and Crook maker I was over in Wales working on some interviews for the new Away with Dogs series ( ) when a friend from America asked me if I’d mind collecting a stick from a maker in Mid Wales and take it with me for her when I was coming to judge the Mohawk Valley Sheepdog Trial in […] Continue Reading

Alasdair MacRae in conversation (Part 2)

In this Part II conversation with Alasdair, he talks about training sheepdogs to single and what singling can tell him about a working sheepdog. He talks a little about judging the single and aspects that he feels are important. I think this has been one of my favourite conversations to date and I hope you find as much food for […] Continue Reading