Talking to Neil Gillion at his hill trial

Neil Gillon’s Hill Trial had to be cancelled this year because a mist came down on the hill making visibility impossible, but as we say in Ireland, “its an ill wind that doesn’t blow some good”. The fact that the Hill Trial was postponed meant that on the Sunday myself and John Heffernan were delivering a bitch to Scotland, we […] Continue Reading

In conversation with Serge Van Der Zweep (Part 2)

I often heard fellows here saying “you only ever get one really good dog in your lifetime”. To that, I say that you need to be careful who you listen to. So whenever I want to know a thing I usually just go and find an expert to ask. When it comes to breeding working sheepdogs though, I don’t know […] Continue Reading

In conversation with Serge Van Der Zweep

I asked Serge if he would mind giving me some insight into how he got started, which handlers influenced him the most, what advice would he give an open handler and how he prepares for a World Sheepdog Trial Final. I hope you enjoy listening. My old buddy Norman Deacon used to say that it was hard to train the […] Continue Reading

Alasdair Part 2 interview

In this Part II conversation with Alasdair, he talks about training sheepdogs to single and what singling can tell him about a working sheepdog. He talks a little about judging the single and aspects that he feels are important. I think this has been one of my favourite conversations to date and I hope you find as much food for […] Continue Reading

Alasdair Macae in conversation (Part 1)

I really enjoy the way top level competitors can give an insight into what it takes to achieve success in big competition regardless of which particular sport they have excelled in. I have been lucky enough to talk to Alastair Mac Rae about qualities in successful dogs and the mindset and ambition of a top handler. I read a newsletter […] Continue Reading

Dr. Viola Hebler

Dr Viola Hebeler I first met Dr Viola Hebler back in 2015 and the European Nursery Championship. I was attracted to her dog’s way of working and got to see him run again in the final there. Viola works as a veterinary surgeon yet finds time to train her dogs to compete at continental and world class competition. Whenever I […] Continue Reading

Horseman Bryan Neubert

I experienced a real privilage this year when I was got to meet the horseman Bryan Neubert at a sheepdog training clinic I was giving at the Hunewell Ranch in Nevada recently. Bryan grew up next door to the legendary Bill Dorrance in California, and spent much of his life around Bill who was a mentor for him. Bryan also […] Continue Reading