Canadian sheepdog handler Scott Glen shares his thoughts on workingdogs and sheep

Scott Glen sheepdog Soldier Hollow

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A week or so I spotted something on Facebook. It was Scott Glen doing a sheepdog training clinic using the Zoom app. I was smiling to myself thinking about how we are changing as the result of Covid when an idea sparked in my mind. Since Scott is so handy on Zoom, why don’t I collar him for a quick interview. I messaged Scott’s wife Jenny on Sunday and on Tuesday Scott and I were having a coffee and sharing his thoughts on sheepdogs and sheep. It was as if Alberta was only down the road a bit!

This was my first formal interview using Zoom so I was very anxious. In these interviews, I tend to find that if it doesn’t come right the first time, that it doesn’t come right at all! I was glad to see that Scott was settled in, coffee in hand, right from the start. I probably told him that this interview would last a half hour or 40minutes. I tell everyone that but it’s not often that i get talking to a fellow who have won every major trial in America and Canada if not at least once! I saw him looking at his watch when i was editing, no doubt though, because I kept him talkng for a good hour and half when i had him ha ha!

So Scott has won the Canadian nationals, the US Nationals, The Bluegrass, Soldier Hollow and the Meeker Classic (some of them multiple times). .I have cut our conversation down into three parts. ( I have probably left out a fourth part that I may post at a later date). And I will probably put them back to front here, so you might find that we just jump right in!

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Part 2


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