What are the 5 stages of training a sheepdog for sheepdog trials?

The 5 steps to training a sheepdog I recently met up with a friend of mine to do some schooling. Eamonn Connell is like me in that he only returned to sheepdog training in the last few years. I told Eamonn about how a new handler had asked me recently ‘what are the stages of training a sheepdog? Can you […] Continue Reading


Churchmount interview series In this series, I interview sheepdog handlers and experts from Ireland and around the world about their experiences. The series aims to spark new ideas for training and handling and to share both my experiences and the experiences of my guests. I hope for the interviews to spark new ideas for listeners and encourage trying new and [...] Continue Reading

Our Dogs

At Churchmount, we breed sheepdogs for success.BruceJimBertDaleBruce Bruce is a son of Ricky Hutchinson’s Sweep (2 times Reserve Supreme Champion) and Ian Brownlie’s Mo (Supreme Champion). He is the younger brother to Hutchinson’s Jock (Supreme Champion) and Neil McVicar’s Mist (2-time Scottish team member). In 2018, Bruce had one of the best all-time scores in the Irish National Sheepdog Trials, [...] Continue Reading

Sheepdog Training

Churchmount Working Sheepdogs Patreon At Churchmount, we have learned from the best and have over 25 years of experience in sheepdog training. We recognise that sheepdog training techniques are constantly evolving and are always open to learning and adapting to new methods. Churchmount Sheepdogs is a channel where I commit to making two videos per month (for Patrons only) that [...] Continue Reading

Quilling sheep, what’s that all about?

In a sheep farming operation it is important to manage the sheep in the way the causes the least amount of stress for them and the least amount of work for the farmer. Shedding the sheep that we want, out of a group, means that we can leave the sheep we don’t need to relax and continue grazing with their lambs

How to start training sheepdog puppies

Eamonn shares his thoughts and experiences about how to start training sheepdog puppies. He explains how he teaches them to stop iniatially. He goes on to explain how he puts commands or whistles on them for their left and right directions. He also talks about how he then goes on to show them how to do small outruns