Talking with Michael Longton

Michael comes from a very famous family that have been sheepdog trialing at the top levels for decades going back to before the war. Michael began handling dogs at the age of 12 and by the age of 24 had secured winning his first English National. Michael has gone on to compete in 4 International Supreme finals since, with 3rd […] Continue Reading

Shepherd from Iraq, what are the chances?

How often do you get to meet anyone from Iraq? Well in my case the answer is, not very often! when I ask the same question but put in ‘shepherd’ aswell, then the odds drop significantly. So i thought i better ask Omar Alkubaisy a few questions. Omar told me he got into sheep first and then ran into handlers […] Continue Reading

Behind the scenes with round pen expert Tony Rofe

What are the benefits of round pen sheepdog training? I first met sheepdog trainer and handler, Mr. Tony Rofe, when we traveled together on a trip to the European Nursery Championship in Holland. The ENC is a sheepdog trial where Border Collies from all over Europe, the UK and Ireland can go to compete. In this interview, Tony tells us [...] Continue Reading

World Sheepdog Trial finalist & International Supreme Judge Toddy Lambe

How to achieve sheepdog trial success with proper training and the right material. Toddy Lambe represents everything that is good about sheepdog trialling. Toddy has won the International Sheepdog Trial Supreme and a couple of National Sheepdog Trials to date. Toddy is not farming on big runs of ground or with big numbers of sheep. So he is all the [...] Continue Reading

Author and international trial judge Sue Main

Advice and tips for judging a sheepdog trial. In this interview Sue shares some advice and tips for successful trial judging with me before a judging assignment. Sue has been involved in sheepdogs for over 30 years and has judged in sheepdog trials nationally and internationally. Sue was also very instrumental in the formation of the 1st World Sheepdog Trial. [...] Continue Reading

Preparing for the World Sheepdog Trial final with Serge Van Der Zweep

Advice for an open sheepdog handler. In this interview asked Serge Van Der Zweep giving me some insight into how he got started. He discusses which handlers influenced him the most, what advice would he give an open handler and how he prepares for a World Sheepdog Trial Final. Serge is one of those handlers who are not dependent on [...] Continue Reading

Insights from world class handler Erik Holmgaard

An insight on how top sheepdog trial competitors think. In conversation with Erik Holmgaard. Erik is a world class handler but he is the kind of trainer who adjusts his training and thinking to whatever dog he is working with. Erik also shares his knowledge and experience, by giving lessons to handlers at his training centre in Denmark and also doing [...] Continue Reading

Alasdair MacRae on the MacRae Way

What does it take to achieve success in sheepdog training and competitions? I was lucky enough to talk to Alastair Mac Rae about qualities in successful dogs and the mindset and ambition of a top handler. The plan was to make a 15-minute interview. however, the conversation broadened a bit and we went for nearly an hour and a half! [...] Continue Reading