Con McGarry, renowned Irish sheepdog handler

Con McGarry sheepdog judge

Con McGarry has been training and trialling sheepdogs for over thirty years. He has competed successfully Internationally for most of that time and has made the finals in every top table event ever held. He also judges the major competitions. he was the Irish judge for the International Sheepdog Trials last year. He also trains a lot of dogs and and helps other people learn how tot rain their working sheepdogs, through his training clinics that he held in the USA and throughout Europe.

One of the interesting things about Con is the way he can consistently come up with good dogs that compete at the very top levels. This is not an easy thing to do so I had a quick chat with him at a trial last Sunday to see if he might reveal some of his secrets! you can hear what he said in this youtube link. (if you like this kind of clip, why not subscribe to Churchmount Sheepdogs on youtube, for more similar type content)


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