Dafydd Davies Stick and Crook maker

I was over in Wales working on some interviews for the new Away with Dogs series ( www.awaywithdogs.co.uk ) when a friend from America asked me if I’d mind collecting a stick from a maker in Mid Wales and take it with me for her when I was coming to judge the Mohawk Valley Sheepdog Trial in Oregon. When i discovered that the stick I was to collect was from renowned Welsh stickmaker Dafydd Davies, I allowed I would have to take the opportunity to get him to tell me aome backround to how he got started in the craft and how he came by the skills needed to make such artistic tools.

I was running a bit late as I had stopped in to see my friend Ian Carroll for a coffee when i got off the ferry, and as can happen, Ian and I talked for a bit longer than we should have about sheepdog breeding and training.

I called Dafydd and asked if it was still ok for me to call in even though it could be around midnight. he said not to worry about the time I’d get down to him in Mid Wales.

Dafydd is a great character and made nothing of the fact that i probably would not arrive till after 11 pm. Despite the late hour and even though it was the first time I had ever spoken to Dafydd he agreed to tell me about his business and how he got started and how it turned into this interesting occupation.

What you can’t see in the video shared below is all the joking and fun we were having beforehand and afterward. Dafydd was like myself and he was not a man to panic about time, despite the whole conversation going on till after midnight!!

This video is part of a 2 part conversation. In Part 2 Dafydd shows me around his workshop and the kind of products he makes. it was very interesting to see what he starts out with and to see how he carves sheepdogs and fish out of the horn handles and also the whistles he makes.

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