Chatting with George Bonsall at Clough Head Hill Trial in May

George Bonsall talking to Paddy Fanning at the Clough Head hill trial

George was up early to judge this one and it turned out to be a long day with 89 dogs running the course. George is a well known sheepdog handler and judge. George has been the annual host of the Four Nations Nursery Final since its inception a few years ago. It consists of the best 40 nursery dogs from Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales and it is a CSJ sponsored event. George has a dairy and sheep enterprise in Eccleshall in Staffordshire, England. George has judged sheepdog trials all around the world.

We have a quick chat about the course here at Steven Duckworth’s farm here in Lancashire. This is one of my favourite courses. it is a hillside course turned up on its edge making for great viewing. it has a few stone walls that handlers need to guide their sheep through. it has a long ‘dogleg’ fetch for about 300 yards after the lift which makes it fun to handle. this year it was run on three sheep with a single after the pen. time was tight so a run needed to be efficient if it was to get finished inside the time.

We have some drone and phone video footage to help illustrate George’s description of events.


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