I started to train sheepdogs in 1997 to help me cope with the work that came with handling big numbers of sheep and a hundred or so cattle. In that same year I met my friend, coach, sheepdog trainer and international trialist, Norman Deacon.

Norman’s goal was always to have a working sheepdog first because if it didn’t have what it took to be a trial dog it would always be saleable. Norman liked hard dogs with power but also with balance and style. He was never afraid to introduce new breeding to his lines. Deacon bred everything, from strong working dogs to Supreme International winners and World Trial Finalists.

I was away from dogs since 2000 until the autumn of last year,2014. Norman is not around anymore so in order to find dogs with the same qualities that he valued, I have begun breeding my own registered sheepdog pups under the Churchmount prefix with the International Sheepdog Society primarily of Deacon or Michael Crowe background.

The goal is to breed pups for myself and a circle of friends who value dogs that can trial on Sunday and work on Monday. A couple of times a year I will have sheepdog pup for sale from these breedings. I also have young working dogs available from time to time.

‘May we always a dog that is too good for us, so that we may improve’