How to start training sheepdog puppies

Eamonn Connell sheepdog trainer

Have you ever wondered how to start training sheepdog puppies ?

Eamonn Connell sheepdog trainer

This is a conversation with well known Irish sheepdog trainer and sheepdog trial handler, Mr Eamonn Connell. Eamonn shares his thoughts and experiences about how to start training sheepdog puppies. He explains how he teaches them to stop initially. He goes on to explain how he puts commands or whistles on them to show them how to go left or right while working sheep. He also talks about how he then goes on to show them how to do small outruns so that they can learn to run out and fetch sheep. At the same time, Eamonn shares his thoughts on how to avoid making mistakes whilst training a young sheepdog or pup..

You can hear Eamonn explain how to start training sheepdog puppies or more precisely, how he likes to start, in this link below.

There are two puppies shown in this video alongside the conversation. Both are a pair of puppies that Eamonn bred from his very young trial bitch, Nan. Nan was also trained very young and was out competing in sheepdog trails at scarcely 12months of age. This summer Nan competed in the Irish National Sheepdog trails as part of Eamonn’s brace team.

The pups are sire by Paddy Fanning’s dog Jim. Jim ran in the Irish National last year too and was unlucky not to make the Irish Team but he is still a young dog. Last year he was 9th in the European Nursery Final out of an entry of 180 dogs. He was also 2nd in last year’s Irish Nursery Final.

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