Stuart Davidson, International Sheepdog Trial Champion

S.L. Davidson sheepdogs

A few months ago I called the renowned Sheepdog Handler, Stuart L Davidson, to see if he’d be willing to share some of his thoughts and experiences with us in an interview. He agreed, and he gave a very frank and honest interview that you listen to in the link below.

Stuart L Davidson

photo courtesy of photographer and dog handler, Chris Cayhill

When I listened back to our phonecall, I realized that the line was not great. Unfortunately it made for extra hours of editing but I hope now, that the audio is good enough for you to understand it all. Stuart is very frank and honest in his conversation and this is more like a private conversation between the two of us. I think that it is very important to have voices like Stuart’s, in the archive as his views have the perspective of 5 decades of shepherding, farming and top level sheepdog trialing and judging and the influences of handlers that came from before him. Maybe in the future, handlers’ requirements from dogs may change and values may change accordingly, if that happens, it will be nice to be able to tap back into some of the perspective and values that come from a much earlier time.


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