Jim Cropper talking about legendary sheepdogs and men from the 60’s

Jim Cropper sheepdog

Jim Cropper talking about sheepdogs

Jim Cropper with his dogs

Jim Cropper first started sheepdog trialing over fifty years ago. Jim started out as a coal miner. in this interview he talks about how he first got started anh how he came by his famous dog Fleet. Jim has been Reserve Supreme Champion with Clyde and in 2002 he was Reserve World Champion with Sid. His famous Fleet and Clyde made International Brace Champions together (pictured above) at Bala in 1973.

It was especially nice talking to Jim and getting to hear about his experience the first time he met the great JM Wilson. Jim mentions some of the great handlers of that era in this interview and it is one of the rare, first hand insights that we can still get to hear nowadays.

For many, this interview will seem far to long to ever get around to listening to in full. But for me, talking to fellas like Jim is a privilege and what they say is like treasure so I haven’t cut any of this. I’m only sorry I didn’t make one as long or longer with Penmachno when i used to be talking with him!

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