At Churchmount, we breed sheepdogs for success.

Bruce is a son of Ricky Hutchinson’s Sweep (2 times Reserve Supreme Champion) and Ian Brownlie’s Mo (Supreme Champion). He is the younger brother to Hutchinson’s Jock (Supreme Champion) and Neil McVicar’s Mist (2-time Scottish team member).

In 2018, Bruce had one of the best all-time scores in the Irish National Sheepdog Trials, with a score of 212. He was also crowned the Irish Driving Champion in the same year.

Bruce has a great feel for herding, while at the same time being free moving. He is the sort of sheepdog that can really help a handler as he can read sheep well. Bruce is a great outrunner (having earned clean outruns and lifts at the National and International Sheepdog Trials 2018). Bruce also works cattle.

As a stud dog, Bruce is ideal as he is tested clear for IGS, TNS, SN and CEA. There is frozen semen available for shipping worldwide.

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Jim was 2nd in the Irish Nursery Final in 2019 and 9th in the European Nursery Championship in Holland 2019. We were unfortunate not to earn a place in the Irish Team in 2019 but no doubt he can achieve this in the coming years.

Jim is a very cool calm dog with smooth flanks and sheep like him. Jim have cool power and is well able to manage a difficult ewe in lambing,

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Bert 3 years old and is a grandson of Serge’s Gary and also a grandson of Flash who was a brother of Serge’s old Glen. I went out of my way to breed Bert. Bert’s father Roy had super stamina, power and good balance on the drive. Roy reminded me a lot of two dogs that I had years ago, Buddy and Skippy. Buddy was a great grandfather of Serge’s Gary (3rd WT 2017) and his brother Skippy was the father of Flash and Serge’s Glen (3rd WT 2005).

Bert’s mother was by Flash. I borrowed her from John Hanbidge to do the mating. She was nearly nine years old and I only found out about her because she had just had her first litter ever at 8 years old. My motivation for doing this mating was to try to reproduce Roy, Flash or Buddy. These were not easy dogs to work with but this was my goal. True to form I got Bert and he is what I was looking for. He has been a difficult dog. but has more stamina than any dog I have ever owned.

He can take a lot of training and is a difficult dog to tire mentally. Bert is very good for power and is very direct in his approach to sheep (probably a line dog). Bert is never dampened by adversity from stock, terrain or workload. One of the things I like most about Bert is his balance. I often notice that when I put him on the drive, he will make little adjustments on his own initiative to keep the sheep in line. Bert is a dog that will make big courses seem small. He is tested for the bundle with laboklin and is clear for CEA, IGS,SN and TNS. He is available for stud.

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Ralf is a dog that I bought as a pup and reared myself. I began training him in June 2019 and I put his training videos and progress from round pen to nursery runs on the Patreon account. I ran him in nursery trials and qualified him to run in the Irish Nursery Final. He was also due to run in the European Nursery Final in 2020.


Ralf completed his first nursery season last winter and qualified for the Irish Nursery Final. I was due to run Ralf in the European Nursery Championship 2020 but Covid-19 changed that. I look forward to running him in the nurseries again this November.


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Juno’s mother is Michael Butler’s Gary daughter, Lass (sister of my Roy dog, Bert’s father).

I started training Juno after the nurseries had already started but she still managed to place a couple of times in them. She was due to run in the European Nursery Championship in 2020. She is a good outrunner and shedder and really gives everything she has. I had been really looking forward to seeing what she could have done at the ENC. Since everything was cancelled this spring/summer I decided to mate Juno with Jed. Both dogs are CEA clear.


Check out Juno in action on our YouTube channel.
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