Churchmount Working Sheepdogs Patreon

At Churchmount, we have learned from the best and have over 25 years of experience in sheepdog training. We recognise that sheepdog training techniques are constantly evolving and are always open to learning and adapting to new methods.

Churchmount Sheepdogs is a channel where I commit to making two videos per month (for Patrons only) that document and explain what I am doing at a particular stage of training on a particular dog.

As a patron, I encourage you to ask questions or to let me know if you have a specific question you’d like addressed.

In the training videos:

  • I outline the goal I am trying to achieve and show where the dog is at in its training.
  • What I am doing to get the behaviour or actions I want.
  • Why I am doing it that way and then show the result.
  • Over time you are able to see the dog evolve in its training.

May we always have dogs that are a little bit too good for us so that we need to improve to catch up

We also regularly share our training expertise to subscribers on our YouTube channel.

What are the benefits for patrons?

  • Early access to our interview series with trainers & expert handlers from around the world.
  • Regularly uploaded sheepdog training videos, following the training journey of a range of dogs.
  • Video clips from sheepdog trials, clinics and competitions.
  • Updates on our dogs.

Churchmount Sheepdog’s Patreon channel is the best herding insight available on the internet! I love how Paddy shares bite-sized, actionable pieces of information as he deconstructs this very complicated training and way of life. Collectively, the videos, posts, and podcasts come together to create a window into the traditional herding world otherwise unavailable to me. I feel like I’m right there on the hill, watching and learning. What a gift.

And I love how responsive Paddy is to members’ comments and questions, getting right back to us or creating videos to illustrate his answers. The result has been many ah-ha moments that have really helped me move my training forward in practice. I look forward to each new post and can’t wait to see what Paddy comes up with next!

– Hélène Marie Lawler