Talking with Michael Longton

Michael comes from a very famous family that have been sheepdog trialing at the top levels for decades going back to before the war. Michael began handling dogs at the age of 12 and by the age of 24 had secured winning his first English National. Michael has gone on to compete in 4 International Supreme finals since, with 3rd place being his best spot to date.

I found this interview particularly interesting for two reasons. the first one being where Michael shares his views on a particular thing that can happen with regard to breeding dogs. He says how he thinks owner expectations can adversely effect a pup’s potential and development.

And secondly, he talks about something that is very important in a handler and that I often think is the watershed for some handlers in terms of what they might achieve in trialling.

to find out more about Michael, please visit his handler profile.

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2 comments on “Talking with Michael Longton

  • David Leejohnson

    Love that interview.
    I have 4 pups here go back to Rainow Todd /Quories Moxy so loved hearing about him and Michael’s other interesting thoughts.

    • admin



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