When I asked Toddy to participate in the interview, as I expected, he didn’t hesitate for a second… but that’s Toddy Lambe, always willing to do something for the good of a handler or for sheepdog trialling in general.

I hope you enjoy our conversation.

Toddy Lambe is a fellow that represents everything that is good about sheepdog trialling. Toddy has won a Supreme and a couple of Nationals to date, he is a regular name in the team. Toddy is not farming on big runs of ground or with big numbers of sheep. So he is all the more example of what can be achieved when you train properly with the right material.

Toddy has judged nationally, in Europe and the United States, so he has a great understanding of the type of challenges we come up against as competitors and organisers both on and off the field.

Toddy Lambe has judged nationally, in Europe and the United States