What are the 5 stages of training a sheepdog for sheepdog trials?

the 5 stages of training a sheepdog

5 steps to training a sheepdog

The 5 steps to training a sheepdog

I recently met up with a friend of mine to do some schooling. Eamonn Connell is like me in that he only returned to sheepdog training in the last few years. I told Eamonn about how a new handler had asked me recently ‘what are the stages of training a sheepdog? Can you give me an outline Paddy?’

Eamonn replied that training a sheepdog breaks down into 5 stages if you need him to be able to compete in a sheepdog trial. So I asked Eamonn if he would explain the 5 stages of sheepdog training for me in an interview and that maybe I could overlay some video here and there to help illustrate what he is saying.

Eamonn agreed straight away to the idea so the video linked here is the result of what he told me before we started our schooling session on two 6 month old pups that we bred. (these same pups feature throughout this video to illustrate the topics)

Check out the full interview below:

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    This was great. Eamonn Connell, I understood his basic’s! Thank you.

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